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    National Fitness Awards

    2015 Finalists!


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    2015 & 2016 Good Food Award Winners!


  • Nutrition, health & fitness

    Power Gym, Fitness Studios, Healthy Café

    Nutritionist backed Food & Drinks, awesome Fitness & advice

    Complete Health & Fitness

  • Men only Pilates


    Men only Pilates, Saturday morning 9-10am

    *House rules - no curry or real ale the night before, no lycra & must like a smattering of Dad Rock!

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  • Fresh, healthy food


    You simply cannot out-exercise a bad diet

    Health - 80% Nutrition, 20% Exercise.

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  • Sky Sports

    Live Sports!

  • Spin classes

    Indoor Cycling classes

    Freestyle Indoor Cycling - one of the highest calorie burners around!

    Go hard, or go home!

  • Warrior

    Are you a Warrior?

    Melt fat, build muscle, improve fitness & anger management!

    Bubalu - Home of the Warrior Workout

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Need to inform you of important changes as of this Saturday evening (13th August)!
New payment processing
As you will have hopefully noticed, we have made some changes to the booking system to make it less onerous and faster. If you would like anything else done, please let us know.