Want to know what Bubalu is all about? Ok then!

We practice a general rule of 80% nutrition and 20% exercise for living a healthy life and all is explained in our new promo video;



If you like this, pop in and see us so we can chat about getting you started and helping you get the right balance of nutrition and exercise to help you live a healthy, happy life!

Time to “man / wo-man” up people!


Many have whinged and whined lately about;

- not having time to train, not getting the results they expect,

-wanting to do more, but failing to get into fitness or nutrition action,

- putting excuses ahead of action etc,

so as we feel many of you need to be stronger than your excuses, here are a few simple things to help you find your health & fitness mojo!

There are 168 hours in a week.

There are 7 days in said week.

All you need to do is;

- ask, then listen to us on what classes you should do and the things you should do outside of the classes (so you rest, recover and don’t overtrain),

- ask, listen and do what we say on nutrition (inc using our recipes, or coming in here for us to do it for you if you are lazy / struggling to do it yourself)

- give us a measly 3 hours max of those 168 hours in 3 of the 7 days each week for training over the vast array of classes we have here (simply 1 hour, 3 times a week max!),

& we’ll guarantee to give you long term results and a better life!

It is simply 80%nutrition and 20% exercise, so let us help you get the right balance.

It’s the life, health & welfare of every single Bubalu customer we’re talking about and concerned with here, so we take this very seriously indeed, do not mess around and do not pull any punches, certainly as very few others in the health & fitness world seem to want to do the right thing and look after their customers’ health and wellbeing.

We aren’t here doing this for our health or benefit, as as Health & Fitness Professionals, think we have proved that not many of you can do what we do, as well as we do (ah, the beauty of being a long term professional and doing things love and are passionate about for a living!).

So all you have to do is take benefit from what we do as a business, try and keep up with the old man and the other Instructors, embrace health & fitness, bring your fun attitudes, happy faces and “can do” attitudes, so we can make you better.

The stronger you are, the better you feel, so let’s drop the excuses and concentrate on getting you fitter and stronger.

No excuses, no whingeing, no complaints. J.F.D.I.!!!!!!!!!

Another Warrior Workout!


Tuesdays 8.15-9pm as well as the Monday one, starting next Tues 7th Oct.

Please note that this is not so that you can do 2 Warriors, it is to cater for overwhelming demand for a mental session!

One a week is more than sufficient and doing more will only be complete overtraining, be detrimental to your muscles / body and more than likely lead to injury.

So, out of safety and progression, you will not be allowed to do a Monday and a Tuesday session, so be warned!


Half price gym inductions!!!!

Love fitnessAs we are and always have been Instructor led with our fitness classes and have recently put some new strength and conditioning classes into the mix, we’d like to have some more gym members.

So, at the moment, all gym inductions are half price!

That is just £14 instead of £28 for an induction with a 10years+ experienced Personal Trainer to show you how to use all our functional fitness equipment and help make a real difference to you!

If there are a few of you, a group session will make it cheaper still!

With over 35 awesome fitness classes, a healthy Café and an in-house Personal Trainer owner, we can offer the right health & fitness solution for you!

Come see why Women’s Fitness magazine named us as one of their top 10 UK Health & Fitness businesses in 2013!

Get in touch with us at bristol@bubalu.co.uk, call us on 01179245381, or come in asap to book yours in.