• 'Manlates'

    Men only Pilates, Saturday morning 9-10am

    *House rules - no curry or real ale the night before, no lycra & must like a smattering of Dad Rock!

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  • #Fuelgood

    Health - 80% Nutrition, 20% Exercise.

    You simply cannot out-exercise a bad diet

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  • Indoor Cycling classes

    Freestyle Indoor Cycling - one of the highest calorie burners around!

    Go hard, or go home!

  • Are you a Warrior?

    Melt fat, build muscle, improve fitness & anger management!

    Bubalu - Home of the Warrior Workout

  • "Bubalu Wednesdays"

    A fresh, tasty lunch deal for only £5 from 12-2pm


  • Relax!

  • Complete Health & Fitness

    Nutritious, Healthy Food & Drinks, awesome Fitness, the best advice


Smoothies, Juices, Coffee and Water

This week’s blog is about “Fuelgood” drinks, so that you know what to have to fuel you well and make yourself feel good.