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Lovely to hear / read!

“I’ve been going to Bubalu regularly for just over 2 years now and it’s continually improved over that time. They have a real passion for health and fitness from which becomes obvious after chatting with Mike the owner for 10 minutes as he’s really enthusiastic about all aspects of keeping people healthy. The gym itself manages to cram a good amount of equipment into a seemingly small space, although don’t go looking for treadmills and cross-trainers. There’s a good spin bike area where classes are held, a decent range of weight training equipment and a good body weight area out back, most of the classes are held in the studio which has a punching bag, great selection of kettlebell sizes, yoga mats etc and the classes are great. I haven’t had a bad class yet and that’s down to the trainers who lead them. The classes offer everything from beginners to more advanced lessons and the list of what’s available is constantly improving. The other great thing about Bubalu is the cafe out front. No junk food to be found in there, just a really good range of stuff which is all made with whole ingredients and everything is from scratch. They even have the health ratings next to everything on their new menu which has been tweaked and perfected over the years as well. All in all, Bubalu is a great place to go. Really vibrant, awesome staff and a relaxed atmosphere make it a winning combo, even if you’re just pooping in for a coffee at lunch.”

Students are coming!

With many new students starting to arrive, we are already proving to be a popular haunt with those that want to eat fresh tasty food, whilst chilling in a large, grief-free café that plays funky music (and a smidge of Dad Rock – yeah baby!).

So, for those looking around for a good local base, here’s what we have to offer;

- Lunch & a drink for £5 from 12-2pm every weekday.

- Bacon Sandwich & a fresh fruit smoothie for £5 to midday on Saturdays and Sundays.

- Any of our fresh hot wraps & a hot chocolate, tea or coffee for £5 from 12-2.30pm on Sundays.

- 5% discount off food & drinks outside of our deals.

- Free WIFI

- Papers & magazines

- a Wii & various games for the competitive ones!

Class changes

exhaustionImportant July class changes!!

New dance class addition to peak time – As you all loved it, but said it was too late, The Showgirl Experience has now moved to 7pm on Mondays.

This class covers everything from Jazz, The Can-Can, Disco, 20′s Charleston, Street Dance, Burlesque, Latin, Cheerleading, Ribbons and Jive.

If you’re looking to learn to dance, improve fitness and flexibility and most importantly have fun – this is the class for you!

Full info in the Dance class section on the “Fitness Classes” tab

Martial Arts merger – Monday Combat / Self Defence has moved to 8pm on Tuesdays to bring together and officially form the Bubalu Combat Kickboxing Club.

There will be 2 Instructors each week to give a weekly session of Combat / Self Defence and Kickboxing in one class, with optional sparring at the end to test what has been taught.

The syllabus is nearing completion and will then be certified by the British Combat Association so we will then have our own grading syllabus and belt system.

Full info can be found in the Martial Arts section in the “Fitness Classes” tab

Booking system is open for the new classes, so book, book, book!


Sunday “Fuel Good” Workshops

Fuelgood 2Free nutrition and exercise workshops for those who are hungry for it!

You may or may not know this little nugget of information (!) but being healthy should be 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. In reality, you simply cannot outrun your fork and cannot out-exercise a cruddy diet!

Here at Bubalu we’re proud to make healthier living easier, tastier and much more fun!

We understand that for many, food is the most abused anxiety drug and exercise is the most underutilised antidepressant. We want to help people change this, so that people eat right to feel happy and then exercise well to feel happier still!

We’re still the only Health & Fitness business in the UK (that we know of!) that
actively and responsibly offers customers the right food and drink to accompany their workouts, training and living healthier lifestyles (whilst practicing what we preach!).

When you put fitness and food together in harmony, you get what we have everyday – the “fuel good” factor and we want you to have that too!

So we’d like to share some of our knowledge and expertise with you, absolutely free*!!

Every Sunday, 11am-Midday, in a relaxed group session, you can:

• ask questions and get advice on all things ‘nutrition and exercise’
• learn how certain foods and drinks affect the body
• learn what to eat and when
• find out the best fitness exercises and regimes for you
• learn about diet myths, fads and “celebrity diets”
• enjoy tasters from our vibrant menu and lots, lots more.

So, let us help us to help you get fit in the gym and lose weight in the kitchen!!!

Workshop places must be reserved beforehand. Please email to reserve your space.

See you there!

The Bubalu Fuel-Gooders :)

*Our weekly ‘Fuel Good’ workshops are funded by us – all we kindly request is that attendees make a £2 donation to our charity – Bristol Rugby Community Foundation.