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Last week, we wrote indepth about how Health is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise (check it out if you missed it), so this week we want to go into this a bit more.

What you eat and what choose do everyday to keep you healthy is upto you, but unfortunately, as you get older, things get physically tougher (cant’ train / play / drink like you used to, now takes longer to recover, niggling injuries appear, daily function gets harder etc) and in many cases come back to haunt you physically more and more, certainly as you age, metabolism slows, lifestyles change, joints deteriorate etc.

Some may decide that Health is eating better, doing less physical exercise, a new wardrobe and new positive outlook (possibly a convertible sports car and a flat cap {possibly a trendy bodywarmer so they can drive it in the winter!}, or starting a new relationship).

Some may decide that Health is to do what they have always done and just be happy.

Some may decide that they will get Healthier and do something radically new and challenging – even thought they have never run, swam or cycled very much previously when they were younger, it is a good thing to do all 3 together and push their bodies further than before against other ageing lycra clad similar minded people!

Many people have different views on Health, but as a Trainer of over 11years (and suffering 8 knee operations and numerous breaks, dislocations, sprains, ruptures etc through years of contact and combat sports), it is the same for people of all ages – creating and maintaining long term vitality, function and strength.

Whatever age you are and whatever you decide to do, as your body is a living organism, if you consume the right foods at the right time and in the right quantities, it will fuel your body well, avoid energy slumps (and even combat lows), help maintain joint mobility and cell growth, help the body repair, regulate fat and toxins, maintain healthy skin and hair and make you look amazing.

If you couple this with the right exercise, it can increase flexibility and joint function, prevent injuries, improve posture, improve cardiac function, detoxify the body, improve muscle structure and mobility.

It is very important to bring Nutrition and Exercise together to fuel the body well and feel good and every Health and Fitness business should do this as standard!

That is what we do here and why we talk about “fuelgood” and use #fuelgood in everything we do online and why this week we have put a few bits of testimonials up online.

Anyway, if you want any help in getting the right balance, please ask us. We practice what we preach, have massive experience in many areas, have the hat and the t-shirt and are happy to give advice to people for free (customers and non-customers), as long as they want it to make a difference to their lives.

Health is…80% Nutrition, 20% Exercise

B-Wrap1Our claim that “Health” being 80% nutrition, 20% exercise isn’t always understood until fully explained. When broken down, nutrition accounts for more than 80%!

24 hours in a day – 8 hours average sleep = 16 hours awake each day x 7 days a week = 112 hours awake each week.

If you do 2 hours exercise a week (i.e just 2 fitness classes), that leaves 110 hours a week.

You will eat a meal approximately every 4hours, so that will be circa 27 meals a week. If those 27 meals don’t have much / any nutritional benefit for your body and contain high levels of saturated fats, sugars and man-made additives, you will not see much physical improvements, only possible deterioration.

With a poor diet, how can people expect to see health benefits / gains from just 2 hours a week (or even 5, if you are super active)? Nutrition has to be clean and structured.

As many people count and are aware of calories, calorific examples have been used to prove a point. All the social media (on the @bubalubristol Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages) posts this week contain verified calorie counts from nutritionally poor, but widely consumed food / drinks and calories worked off during exercise, as tested and published by Harvard Medical School http://www.health.harvard.edu/diet-and-weight-loss/calories-burned-in-30-minutes-of-leisure-and-routine-activities.

For example;

Snickers Bar, 250cals, Hatha Yoga, 178cals/30mins (source, Snickers)

Mars Bar, 259cals. Fast walk 222cals/30mins. (source, Mars)

McDonalds Cheeseburger, 301cals. Dancing (fast) only 266cals/30mins burned (source, McDonalds)

Frijj Banana Milkshake 471ml, 300cals. Tennis 311cals/30mins burned (source, Frijj)

Pint of Lager 180cals. Mountain Biking 377 cals/30mins burned (source, Google search)

McDonald reg.Fries 510cals. Kickboxing 444cals/30mins burned (source Metro http://metro.co.uk/2015/01/22/macdonalds-has-finally-revealed-how-it-makes-french-fries-5031511/)

The above figures show that many of the above foods are very easy to consume, but if looking to stay fit and healthy, very hard to work off, maybe impossible (understand we will now get people saying they will take lager over milkshakes as it has lower calories, but one pint of lager leads to more, then pizza, kebabs, chips etc, so this argument is covered!)

If you had your recommended daily calorific intake of circa 2,000 (female) or 2,500 (male), the addition of one or more of the above will only lead to it having to be stored somewhere – probably  in the areas that many are concerned / conscious of (certainly if your diet contains many of the foods above).

So, as you simply cannot out exercise a poor diet, if you eat clean and healthy, you enjoy the things you like in moderation. Or, you can avoid them altogether and make radical changes to your health and body.

Whatever you decide to do, take note of what is in various foods (but try not to become obsessive about it), how easy it is to eat, hard it is to work off, where excesses will go and be realistic with your health and fitness aspirations (asking us for help, if needed) and do not forget that you simply cannot out exercise a bad diet!

Next Warrior Bootcamp!!!!



Bootcampers committed to the last 4 week course and saw dramatic improvements in cardio function and massive improvements in strength, fitness, agility and joint range of motion and due to its’ popularity and demand, it is time to announce the next 4 week Bootcamp!

Friday 8th May to Friday 5th June.


- 15 persons max

- 7am-7.50am every Friday morning

- 4 week commitment from the outset (no possibility to join the course after it has started)

- £20 per person upfront for non-members, or 4 credits upfront for members (booking will take 1 credit, then email bristol@bubalu.co.uk on sign-up so 3 more can be taken to cover the course)

It’s is on the online booking system now, so if you are in, let’s man / wo-man up, book in and do this!

New Monday class!

Body conditioning


Unfortunately Victoria has landed a big contract and has to stop teaching the Showgirl Experience here (and big thanks for all she has done for us whilst being with us).

But never fear, the ever popular and very experienced Chrissie (over 20 years experience) is mad keen to add another Body Conditioning class to the Saturday one she already does here.

So every Monday 7pm is Body Conditioning. Just what you need after the weekend to start your week off well!