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DatingFitness Speed Dating is coming to Bubalu, starting Sunday 4th May 2014!

Weird thought? Well there is a saying “Those that train together, stay together”, so we think it is definitely worth testing, as exercise;

-          releases happy, feel good endorphins
-          relaxes and revitalises people
-          enables people to share the same experiences
-          allows individuals to have fun as a group
-          reduces inhibitions
-          builds confidence

Sundays are the day of the week when people are generally more relaxed and chilled, so here’s the proposal;

-          10 guys and 10 girls meet at 11.30am in the Café in their training gear, ready to go!
-          We go straight into the studio for 45 minutes fun cardio Kickboxing where guys and girls will train with and against each other in fun activities, so everyone can relax, work at their own pace, mix, have fun as a group and share the same experiences
-          After a good cool down stretch, everyone will come straight through into the Café for a selection of our healthy, tasty Wraps, fresh fruit juices and smoothies and then have 3 minutes with everyone in an informal round robin
-          12.45pm, Single Sweaty Sundays will wrap up, allowing people to stay, chill and continue getting to know others, or move on to let romance blossom (possibly after a shower?!)

If this is of interest, please email for a registration form as soon as possible, as the first session is happening on Sunday 4thMay 2014 at a special price of only £10 per person!

1 of the UK’s top 10 Health & Fitness places!!

International magazine, Women’s Fitness, seems to really like us and have listed us as one of the 10 places in the UK!

Women's Fitness_Page_1

As an ethical, independent Health & Fitness, this recognition makes it all worthwhile!

Check it out!

Then come and see why!

Move GB info

PLEASE NOTE; we are not MoveGB / Groupon / Amazon,  so please check your terms and conditions are with the deal you have purchased as we do not know about what deals there are available with these operators, how their systems work and what the arrangements are etc.

We are happy to receive and work with MoveGB customers, but please bear in mind, this system is not our standard system and whilst we have changed our practices to accommodate MoveGB, we can only do the best that we can with what we have and do here, so please help us to help you by doing exactly as requested below;

- MoveGB customers first need to ensure that they have added all the classes they wish to do at Bubalu to their Move list.

- It seems that even if classes were listed previously, they need to be added again, so please double check before emailing your request over.

- They will allow you to book one class per day, so multiple bookings cannot be made at one time. Please email one request each day.

- Always check the classes on the Bubalu timetable tab, so you are requesting the correct class, it exists and you are aware of the correct time of the class here at Bubalu.  DO NOT RELY ON INFORMATION SEEN ELSEWHERE!

- Email as far in advance as possible with your class request exactly as below on each email for every class (afraid requests on the day of / close to the start of a class a class may not be able to be gotten to);


MoveGB in the email subject line (so it is specific and easily identifiable)

Name of registered MoveGB member

Postcode that that person has registered under with MoveGB (so person can be found on the MoveGB system)

Contact number (in case of a class problem)

Class name

Class time

Class date


As long as the request is in the above format, we can simply see the information, check class availability, secure an available space for each individual request, register that person’s booking on the MoveGB site, then return the email to the sender confirming class space reserved.

If MoveGB customers have not added all the necessary Bubalu classes to their Move list and they cannot be registered, or there is insufficient space in the class, or we have to trawl through emails for information to help MoveGB customers, attendance will not be able to be recorded.



The following rules will apply;

-          Once booked, classes cannot be moved under the MoveGB promotion

-          All visitors should check-in at the counter immediately on arrival, so attendance can be verified. Even though you are booking via MoveGB, you will still get a Bubalu loyalty card, so you do 12 classes you get your 13th free

-          Any post workout smoothies will be available at Bubalu discount prices, but they will have to be ordered and paid for on arrival at the counter

-          If a booking is not confirmed by return of email, it has not been made and a space will not be reserved

- You can only attend af

- If you have a problem with the MoveGB system, please speak to them.


Please note, a booking will not be made in the following circumstances;

-          If the Move list does not have the correct classes listed under the customer name, or the customer is not a valid MoveGB customer (ie does not show on the system when details are entered)

-          If the full information requested above is not provided in the initial email

-          If the information provided does not match that on the MoveGB site and attendance cannot be verified.

-          If there is no available space at the time of auctioning the class request


Sorry if this a bit onerous and formal, but MoveGB won’t allow it any other way and it has to be this way to work within our system / structure.


The Bubalu Team

Kids Kung Fu Sparring seminar

Kids Kung Fu students – you need to be here for this! 2 of the best around to help you with your sparring, which you need for every grading.