Sweat-Free, Stress-Free Weekends at Bubalu


Where did January go?! We have been really busy this January helping people get fitter, stronger and feeling good about themselves (and what could be lovelier than that?). Everyone has done so well, but now it is the start of February, don’t let all that hard work slip!

Remember, health is 80% nutrition (what fuel you put into your body) and 20% exercise (what good your body does with / gets from that fuel), so keep feeling good with feeding yourself good food to fuel your workouts and your lives. This is what ‘Fuel Good’ is – fitness and food together in harmony. So, whenever you see #fuelgood around Bubalu, or on our bubalubristol Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages (if you haven’t checked them out already – get to it, you need it in your lives!), you now know what this means.

Our fitness studios and gym stand alongside our healthy Café, but we know working out isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So we have another way to help more people “fuelgood” without the exercise and get Bubalu one step closer to become the health and fitness hub for the South West, as it was always designed to be.

Everyone loves a bit of Sport, so as many will be aware, we have just installed Sky Sports and all other associated Sports channels here and we want Bubalu to become more of a community sports place where people come in order to involve themselves in health, fitness and fun (oh and of course, sports!). Now you can come every weekend without having to cram into a squashed bar, or squeezing onto someone’s sofa, have something fresh and tasty and watch your favourite Sports without having to do exercise (unless you want to).

Main Sports will be; F1 Grand Prix, Rugby Union (6 Nations, Rugby World Cup, European Cup etc), Cricket (World Cup, The Ashes etc) Tennis (Queen’s, Wimbledon, French Open etc), Cycling (Tour De France, Tour of Britain, Tour of Italy). Other Sports could be; Netball, Golf, Skiing / Snowboarding, Hockey, Football, Extreme Sports, if interest and requests for them!

9am to midday every Saturday and 10am to midday every Sunday will be dedicated to Sports (a good mixture of live, Sky+ recorded and DVD archive Sports) and during these times you can get a Bacon sandwich and a Tea or large Coffee for only £4! We will also show as many major live events / games in the weekend afternoons as possible.

If you are a team and want to watch something specific (something non-mainstream, or memorable events like 1966 World Cup, 2003 RWC highlights, 2013 Tour De France highlights etc), or have filmed footage of one of your games / events and want to make it a social gathering in our 60 seat Café, let us know what you want and we can arrange this for you.

We may use the bubalubristol social media channels to put options up for people to vote on, ie Rugby Union this Sunday 10am, 1973 All Blacks vs Barbarians, or 1997 3rd Lions Test? so you can choose what you want to watch and get more involved with us, so keep an eye out!

As the 60 seat Café is closed in the evenings, but staffed for evening classes, it can easily be used as a clubhouse / meeting space and can also show midweek sporting events, if there is interest. Basically, we can and will consider doing anything if it gets Bubalu used more and people healthier, so speak up, take full advantage and help us to help you!

Whether you are working out or grabbing a bite in our café, everyone at Bubalu would love to see you sat in front of the telly and taking it easy! Now where have you ever heard of a Health and Fitness business saying anything like that?


Half price Power Gym inductions!!!!

Website - Gym

As we are and always have been Instructor led with our fitness classes and have recently put some new strength and conditioning classes into the mix, we’d like to have some more gym members.

Every person that wants to use the “Power Gym” facilities, has to undertake an induction.

This is a very comprehensive Personal Training session with a 10years+ experienced Personal Trainer to show you how to use all our functional fitness equipment and help make a real difference to you!

So, at the moment, all gym inductions are just £15 per session (instead of the usual £30 fee) for all persons that have taken out a “Power Gym” or “Bubalu Combination” membership or intend to use the “Power Gym” as a pay-as-you-go customer!

At £3 per session on pay-as-you-go, or just £10 per month for unlimited Power Gym membership, we’re practically giving it away, so take full advantage!

Come see why Women’s Fitness magazine named us as one of their top 10 UK Health & Fitness businesses in 2013!

Get in touch with us at bristol@bubalu.co.uk, call us on 01179245381, or come in asap to book yours in.


New Membership deals for 2015!


Website - Memberships

Bubalu was created because we love helping people achieve their health goals. We understand these are different for everyone so our membership isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We are an independent health and fitness business and we don’t lock you into a contract or have you paying for services you don’t use. Instead you simply pay for what you do. That’s not to say we don’t reward loyalty.



- No contracts

- No sign-up fees

- 10% off food and drink in the Café (inc friends of members, if member paying the bill).

Booking classes couldn’t be simpler, whether you choose Pay-As-You-Go or take a membership, simply sign-up and start booking online.





- Any 2 Fitness classes a week

- 38 Fitness classes a week to choose from

- Just £3 per class!

PLUS, with our “£10 top-up”, get an extra 12 classes for the month. That’s 20 classes for a crazy £1.70 per class when you top up!

(the “£3 class” membership is just £24 per month!)



- Two Power rooms dedicated to strength & conditioning and functional fitness

- Unlimited Power Gym access during opening hours (inc studio access when no classes are on*)

- Free Power Gym Personal Training induction session during January 2015 (thereafter usual Gym Induction fee of £15)**

(the “Power Gym” membership is just £10 per month!)
At that price and with your discount, you now have enough money to buy a Protein smoothie, Protein porridge or Protein Crepe after your workout to get the right post-workout nutrients to help your muscles recover!

- Unlimited Power Gym access plus any 2 Fitness classes a week

- Free Power Gym Personal Training induction session during January 2015 (thereafter usual Gym Induction fee of £15)**

PLUS, with our “£10 top-up”, get an extra 12 classes for the month. That’s 20 classes for a crazy £1.70 per class when you top up!

(the “Bubalu Combination” membership is just £29 per calendar month. That’s a crazy £3 per class and just £5 for unlimited Power Gym usage!)


* Except when group exercise classes are in progress in the studio or spin room – see class timetable for times. The Power Gym is accessible at all times during opening hours.

** Anyone wanting to use the gym facilities will only be able to do so after completing a Personal Training gym induction priced at £15, but during January 2015, inductions are FREE!

Time to “man / wo-man” up people!


Many have whinged and whined lately about;

- not having time to train, not getting the results they expect,

-wanting to do more, but failing to get into fitness or nutrition action,

- putting excuses ahead of action etc,

so as we feel many of you need to be stronger than your excuses, here are a few simple things to help you find your health & fitness mojo!

There are 168 hours in a week.

There are 7 days in said week.

All you need to do is;

- ask, then listen to us on what classes you should do and the things you should do outside of the classes (so you rest, recover and don’t overtrain),

- ask, listen and do what we say on nutrition (inc using our recipes, or coming in here for us to do it for you if you are lazy / struggling to do it yourself)

- give us a measly 3 hours max of those 168 hours in 3 of the 7 days each week for training over the vast array of classes we have here (simply 1 hour, 3 times a week max!),

& we’ll guarantee to give you long term results and a better life!

It is simply 80%nutrition and 20% exercise, so let us help you get the right balance.

It’s the life, health & welfare of every single Bubalu customer we’re talking about and concerned with here, so we take this very seriously indeed, do not mess around and do not pull any punches, certainly as very few others in the health & fitness world seem to want to do the right thing and look after their customers’ health and wellbeing.

We aren’t here doing this for our health or benefit, as as Health & Fitness Professionals, think we have proved that not many of you can do what we do, as well as we do (ah, the beauty of being a long term professional and doing things love and are passionate about for a living!).

So all you have to do is take benefit from what we do as a business, try and keep up with the old man and the other Instructors, embrace health & fitness, bring your fun attitudes, happy faces and “can do” attitudes, so we can make you better.

The stronger you are, the better you feel, so let’s drop the excuses and concentrate on getting you fitter and stronger.

No excuses, no whingeing, no complaints. J.F.D.I.!!!!!!!!!