• Brand New Menu

    New Menu as of Monday 27th May!

  • Martial Warrior 8 week fitness challenge

    Martial Warrior 2nd season!

  • National Fitness Awards finalists

    National Fitness Awards

    2015 Finalists!


  • Good Food Award winners

    2015, 2016 & 2017 UK Good Food Award Winners!


  • Nutrition, health & fitness

    Power Gym, Fitness Studios, Healthy Café

    Nutritionist backed Food & Drinks, awesome Fitness & advice

    Complete Health & Fitness

  • Men only Pilates


    Men only Pilates, Saturday morning 9-10am

    *House rules - no curry or real ale the night before, no lycra & must like a smattering of Dad Rock!

    Book Now!
  • Fresh, healthy food


    You simply cannot out-exercise a bad diet

    Health - 80% Nutrition, 20% Exercise.

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  • Spin classes

    Indoor Cycling classes

    Freestyle Indoor Cycling - one of the highest calorie burners around!

    Go hard, or go home!

  • Warrior

    Are you a Warrior?

    Melt fat, build muscle, improve fitness & anger management!

    Bubalu - Home of the Warrior Workout

Crazy times, new menu, new staff

Mental, Mental, Chicken Oriental...

As per the last blog, there's a lot to announce this week. Crazy times, as always!

- An exciting new staff appointment.