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Body conditioning


Unfortunately Victoria has landed a big contract and has to stop teaching the Showgirl Experience here (and big thanks for all she has done for us whilst being with us).

But never fear, the ever popular and very experienced Chrissie (over 20 years experience) is mad keen to add another Body Conditioning class to the Saturday one she already does here.

So every Monday 7pm is Body Conditioning. Just what you need after the weekend to start your week off well!


Warrior Bootcamp starts Friday 10th April!!!!



Regular attendees of our Warrior Workouts have seem dramatic improvements in cardio function and massive improvements in strength, fitness, agility and joint range of motion, as we change the routine every 4 weeks to keep things lively and challenging.

Due to the popularity, some struggle to get regular spaces, as every session is pretty much full each week. For others, sometimes other pressures get in the way of their training, or they just try and book too late, so they aren’t able to attend as regularly as they would like.

So, we are proposing a 4 week Friday 7am Warrior Bootcamp to ensure that people who want to do Warrior regularly, can.


- 15 persons max

- 7am-7.50am every Friday morning

- 4 week commitment from the outset (no possibility to join the course after it has started)

- starts Fri 10th April, ends Friday 1st May (rolling Bootcamps will following on if there is interest)

- £20 per person upfront for non-members, or 4 credits upfront for members (booking will take 1 credit, then email on sign-up so 3 more can be taken to cover the course)

As Mike is giving up his only later start in the week to come in early and do this and this will be a session for people to commit to to get results, there will be no refunds, no excuses and the need for a J.F.D.I attitude from all that attend!

It’s is on the online booking system now, so if you are in, let’s man / wo-man up, book in and do this!

Price increases

PricesSince opening in January 2011, our competitors have increased their class prices regularly, but we have resisted the urge to follow suit, increasing our prices just once in 2012.

As such, we have been and are much cheaper than many other Pay-As-You-Go Health and Fitness businesses, but as of 6th April 2015, our Pay-As-You-Go fitness class prices will be increasing marginally as follows;

- Yoga, Pilates, Fitness Pilates and Manlates classes will become £6.50 per person
- All other adult classes will become £5.50 per person
- Junior Kung Fu will become £5 per person
- Junior Spin and Warrior Workout classes will become £4.50 per person

Kids Capoeira will remain at £4 per person

Pay-As-You-Go customers will still get a 13th class free when they fill up their fitness class loyalty cards.

As we are talking about the price of a bottle of wine for the highest priced classes and we have some of the best trainers around, we hope that this does not dismay and upset too many people.

After all, we are here to make you feel good, improve your health and dedicate all we do to achieving this, whereas a bottle of wine will give you zero nutritional benefits and will give you nothing more than a stinking hangover and a bit of a flabby gut!

We’d like to see more of you and have the regular numbers put more classes on, so in light of this, why not become a member do more classes, become more involved, fitter and healthier?!

Under the class membership you get 8 classes for £24 per month (so just £3 a class if you are doing 2 classes a week!), there are no fees, contracts, or tie-ins.

You can also top-up and get more classes and do our recommended weekly structure of 1x cardio, 1x strength & conditioning and 1x flexibility class. If doing 3 classes a week, you then pay just £2.80 per class!

Members also get 10% off food and drinks in the Café.

How good it that?! Take advantage people and let us help you more!

New classes, if you want them…..

We love what we do and want to make things better for you, so we want to bring in some new classes from w/c 6th April 2015, to get you training more, having more fun and getting better results.

So, as time is very short, here’s what we are thinking;

-          50’s+ Low Impact Toning class – Mondays 9.15-10.15am (including a complimentary post workout Tea or Coffee).

-          Warrior Workout – Tuesdays 11-11.50am (with a nutritious post workout meal deal afterwards, if wanted).

As Spring is here, we also want to bring back our popular Bootcamp to get your ready for the Summer, but on a different format than before, using our results proven and extremely popular Warrior Workout.

-          Friday Warrior Workout Bootcamp 7am – 4 week course, 15 people max, £20 per person.

You can see a short clip of our Warrior Workout in the “Strength & Conditioning” section.

As time is short, would love to hear your thoughts, support or dismay at the above asap, so we can guage interest and hopefully get things rolling!

If you haven’t already, find and follow Bubalubristol on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, feed your thoughts back on these classes and get really involved!

You can also simply reply to

Let’s do this!

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