Another Warrior Workout!


Tuesdays 8.15-9pm as well as the Monday one, starting next Tues 7th Oct.

Please note that this is not so that you can do 2 Warriors, it is to cater for overwhelming demand for a mental session!

One a week is more than sufficient and doing more will only be complete overtraining, be detrimental to your muscles / body and more than likely lead to injury.

So, out of safety and progression, you will not be allowed to do a Monday and a Tuesday session, so be warned!


Half price gym inductions!!!!

Love fitnessAs we are and always have been Instructor led with our fitness classes and have recently put some new strength and conditioning classes into the mix, we’d like to have some more gym members.

So, at the moment, all gym inductions are half price!

That is just £14 instead of £28 for an induction with a 10years+ experienced Personal Trainer to show you how to use all our functional fitness equipment and help make a real difference to you!

If there are a few of you, a group session will make it cheaper still!

With over 35 awesome fitness classes, a healthy Café and an in-house Personal Trainer owner, we can offer the right health & fitness solution for you!

Come see why Women’s Fitness magazine named us as one of their top 10 UK Health & Fitness businesses in 2013!

Get in touch with us at, call us on 01179245381, or come in asap to book yours in.


Students are coming!

With many new students starting to arrive, we are already proving to be a popular haunt with those that want to eat fresh tasty food, whilst chilling in a large, grief-free café that plays funky music (and a smidge of Dad Rock – oh yeah!) and getting some fitness training in.

So, for those looking around for a good local base, here’s what we have to offer;

- Lunch & a drink for £5 from 12-2pm every weekday.

- Bacon Sandwich & a fresh fruit smoothie for £5 to midday on Saturdays and Sundays.

- Any of our fresh hot wraps & a hot chocolate, tea or coffee for £5 from 12-2.30pm on Sundays.

- 5% student discount off food & drinks outside of our deals.

- Free WIFI

- Papers & magazines

- a Wii & various games for the competitive ones!


We really are a one-stop shop to keep you fit and healthy, so come in and check us out!

Kids / junior classes

All kids / junior classes start back w/c 8th September. There are some changes for this year – see the “Kids classes” section under the “Fitness Classes” tab.

Monday 5pm – Junior Warrior Workout for 12yrs+ is starting.

Thursday 4.15pm Street Dance has stopped, but Tuesday Little Dragons has changed to Kids Capoeira for 5-8′s, so there will be martial arts and dance together in a really exciting class, which should satisfy both camps!

If interest, we’d love to put on a Kids / Junior Fitness Pilates (poss age 8+) class at 4pm Thursday, as have been doing this for months for the United Bristol Development Swimming squad and their strength, co-ordination and flexibility has increased and developed massively.

If interested, email